What is KAF e-Trade?

KAF e-Trade allows you to buy and sell shares via the Internet and have access to equity investment information from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere that is accessible to the internet facility.

Who am I trading with?

You are trading with KAF Equities Sdn Bhd (KAF), a participating organization with Bursa Malaysia Berhad.

Which markets can I trade in?

Currently, you can only trade in stocks & shares, which are listed on the Bursa Malaysia Berhad.

Who can apply for KAF e-Trade?

Individual who are 18 years old and above. Foreigners can also apply, however are subjected to the Bank Negara Exchange Control Regulations.

Can I access KAF e-Trade from overseas?

Yes, you can access KAF e-Trade via Internet from anywhere in the world.

Can a corporate client apply for KAF e-Trade?

Currently, no.

Why KAF Equities Sdn Bhd and KAF e-Trade?

KAF Equities Sdn Bhd is one of the first stockbroking Company in the country and has been providing a broad spectrum of equity products catering for the investment and trading needs of our customers. KAF e-Trade brings you the trading of equities on Bursa Malaysia at your finger tips and you will have access to equity investment information in the comfort of your home.

Am I required to open a CDS & Trading account to facilitate KAF e-Trade?

Yes, you are required to open a CDS & Trading account to enable you to trade in shares and to complete the KAF e-Trade application form to enable you to access our KAF e-Trade facilities.

What is the procedure to open trading account and have access to KAF e-Trade?

  1. After you have signed up, please download and print the KAF e-Trade Application Form. For new clients, you are also required to print the Trading Account Application Form.
  2. For existing client, you can submit your KAF e-Trade application through your respective Dealer/Remisier. For new clients, please contact our office and submit the forms personally to our Client Relations Executive who will witness and certify your application forms and documents. You will at the same time open a CDS account to enable you to trade in securities.
  3. Upon your submission of the application form(s) and documents, we will process, approve and activate the KAF e-Trade to enable you to access our online facilities.
  4. Should you require any assistance, kindly contact our Client Relations Executive at Tel: 603-21710216 or send an email to etrade@kaf.com.my

What is your turnaround time for applying a trading account and KAF e-Trade?

Your application will be processed within two (2) market days provided your form(s) and documents submitted are complete and correct. You will receive an official letter confirming your Trading Account and Username for KAF e-Trade.

Do I need to furnish a valid email address?

A valid email address is necessary as any future correspondence will be communicated via a specified email address e.g. your User ID, trade confirmation and other relevant notices and announcements. You will authorize a designated an email address for this purpose.

Can I open a joint account for online trading?

No. Currently, Bursa Malaysia rule do not accommodate joint account.

What are the charges for opening of a trading account?

Currently, there are no charges for opening an account.

When can I submit an order?

You can submit your orders anytime during the day. Orders that are unsuccessful by end of the session/day shall be cancelled and orders submitted outside Bursa Malaysia trading hours, will queue for execution the following session/day. Bursa Malaysia Trading Hours as follows:
Morning session: 9.00am to 12.30pm Afternoon session: 2.30pm to 5.00pm

Can I use my mobile phone or any other electronic gadget to access KAF e-Trade?

Yes, you can. KAF Etrade is available on Android and iPhone.

How do I place a buy/sell order?

  1. Login and click accept the KAF e-Trade Terms & Conditions which will bring you to the Live Quotes screen.
  2. To place an order, select the counter, at the order ticket, select Order Type.
  3. Key in desired Order Price and Order Qty. Select Order type and select desired Validity.
  4. If you have more than one account, select the appropriate account from the drop down list.
  5. Key in valid Trading PIN. Then click on ‘SELL/BUY’ button to send the order.
  6. A confirmation box with the order info will appear, click on “OK” to proceed or click on “Cancel” to abort.

How can I check the status of my order?

  1. Click on “Order Book” from the OTi menu.

What do I do if I was disconnected in the middle of my online trade transaction?

You may check your order status when you get back online or you can check with your remisier on the status of your orders.

Can I place my orders anytime during the day?

Yes. You can place your orders 24 hours. However, orders place outside the Bursa Malaysia trading hours, will queue for execution the following trading session/day.

Can I amend the buying and selling price?

Provided the previous order has not been matched by Bursa Malaysia yet, you can amend the buying and selling price of your order by selecting ‘Change Qty/Change Price’ option at the top of the Order Book

My Order Status screen is not updated. Is KAF e-Trade going to compensate for my loss?

The use of KAF e-Trade online trading is at your own risk. KAF e-Trade will not be liable for any loss whatsoever arising from the use of KAF e-Trade online trading. Kindly call our Customer Service at 03-21710216 should you encounter any system problem or any of these messages in your "Order Status" screen.

How can I trade if the system is down?

If you encounter any difficulties accessing KAF e-Trade, please call your dealer or our Client Relation Executive at 03-21710216 for assistance.

Are the orders that I placed good for the day?

Yes.. All your orders placed are valid for the day.

What is the status of my orders at the end of day trading session?

All outstanding orders will be expired at the end of each trading day and will not be continued on the next day.

How do I change my login password and Trading Pin?

Go to Account Setting to change password and pin

When are my trades due for settlement?

All purchase trades are to be settled by T + 3 before 12.30p.m. and for sales trades, shares must be available in the CDS account by T + 2 before 3 p.m.
Unsettled purchase trades by T + 3, will be force sold on T + 4 and sale trades with insufficient shares in the CDS account, a buying in will be instituted on the account on T + 3.

Will I receive contract notes for trades done via KAF e-Trade?

Yes. You will receive a contract note for every trade transaction.

How do I settle my trade done via KAF e-Trade?

You may effect payment – cash, cheque or fund transfer through the following KAF Equities Sdn Bhd's bank account:

  1. Maybank                 Account No. 514012098392
  2. Maybank                 Account No. 564016638310 (for Islamic Trading)
Complete the bank in slip and indicate with your Client Code.

How can I do Payonline?

To know more, please click here

Can I view my historical trade?

Yes, this system allows clients of KAF to access their current and historical trading transactions.

How far back are the historical records kept?

All historical records will be kept for three months. If you need to check records older than 3 months, please submit a written request.

What information can I get from ‘eStatement’?

Your own trading information such as:

  • Monthly Client Statement
  • Contra gains/losses
Daily Business Done Confirmation

Can another client view my trading information?

The system is password protected and you are required to safeguard your password.

How reliable is the information?

The information is extracted from our back-office system. The information is as per the previous day closing price and will be reflected on the next trading day.

What should I do if I encounter problem?

If you encounter any problem, feel free to email your queries or problems to: etrade@kaf.com.my or please call our Customer Helpdesk between 8:30am to 12:45pm and 1:45pm to 5:00pm local time, Monday to Friday, at 603-21710216 and we will try our best to assist you.

What are the system requirements for me to use KAF e-Trade?

You need to have a personal computer or notebook regardless of the brand.

Software requirements

KAF ETrade is running on a web-based designed and does not require software installation. However the following add-on tools are required to run KAF ETrade smoothly:
Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the Terms and Conditions as well as to view the Research Material.

Recommended browser for best viewing: